Confronting climate change

Materializing ambitions

Sustainability commitment

Building a sustainable future

Teijin Aramid's sustainability goals are straightforward, and good for everyone – people, the planet, and our customers and suppliers. We're hands-on in protecting the environment, cutting waste, using less energy, and investing in clean tech. We've forged alliances with our partners to make sustainability a team effort, understanding that sustainability benefits the environment and also has positive impacts on business profitability.

Circular economy

We’re working with our partners to build a circular economy for aramids.


We've set our sights on transitioning to 25% renewable carbon-based aramids by 2030.

Value chains

Our sustainable value chain alliances connect partners – customers, end-users and recycling hubs.

Net Zero

We aim to become a net zero company by 2050.

Sustainability report

'Pioneering Sustainability' Sustainability Report 2023

Our latest report shares the progress we’ve made on our sustainability journey. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and achieving full circularity long before 2050. By working closely with our partners, we aim to create a more sustainable future. Explore how we’re making a difference and setting new standards in environmental responsibility.

Eco Vadis gold medal for sustainability

Teijin Aramid ranks in the top 5% of companies across all industries globally and in the top 3% of man-made fiber manufacturers worldwide. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to environmental protection and our ethical and social responsibility performance.

Circular economy

Towards a circular aramid chain

A sustainable future includes carbon neutrality without compromising performance. Working towards achieving near-zero waste and full circularity, our team has established specific milestones to be accomplished by 2030. Our steps include more efficient production methods, the use of renewable energy and raw materials and recycling of our aramids.

Sustainability initiatives

Sustainability in action

Our focus is on action rather than words, and we’re making progress in key areas:

"Fiber Brokers, together with Teijin Aramid, is committed to pioneering eco-friendly recovery methods for technical and sensitive ballistic materials. Our shared mission: to reclaim and repurpose as many valuable aramids as we can."

William Lange, CEO Fiber Brokers International

Expert spotlight

Jan Roos

Teijin Aramid Director for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

Jan Roos

Teijin Aramid Director for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

"I have always been fascinated with the relationship between modern human-made technology and ecology. Chemistry can create a lot of problems, such as pollution. However, chemistry will also provide the solutions to sustain our modern way of living, even for basic requirements like food, clothing and shelter. For me, there’s only one way forward: to use science to sustain a balanced and healthy world."


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Our sustainability leadership and team are often present at events and seminars, and we frequently release news and stories about our ongoing efforts to realize a circular aramid chain.

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