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Teijin Aramid has provided para- and meta-aramid materials for protective wear for over 50 years. Our mission is twofold: enhance the performance of safety gear and reduce its environmental impact. Through continuous innovation, we address industry challenges, focusing on both product efficiency and sustainability.  


Aramid-based PPE increases the durability, colorfastness, and lifespan of protective wear while providing superior protection against heat, flame, cuts and chemical hazards.


We work with leading PPE manufacturers to create protective clothing that retains its properties, withstanding repeated laundering and tough environmental wear and tear.


We advocate for circularity, carbon neutrality, and product performance in protective apparel, developing solutions and fostering partnerships to reduce both pre- and post-consumer waste.


Leading in sustainable PPE

Protecting life goes beyond just personal protective equipment. Our ambition is to protect those in danger while also protecting our environment from PPE waste going to landfills.

Teijin Aramid works closely with our partners to create a circular value chain. Our actions include:



Life-cycle assessment 

We collaborate to reclaim end-of-life garments and partner with organizations that recycle aramid fibers. We work with partners to optimize recycling technologies, reduce energy and aim for carbon neutrality through the reuse of aramids. We evaluate financial and environmental impacts from production to end-of-life, offering insights for sustainable, cost-effective operations. 


Protecting those who need it most

We actively partner with you to deliver the best solution – no matter your industry. From industrial workers and police to emergency responders and beyond, our priority is flame resistance and durability that doesn’t compromise on protection.

    Firefighting apparel

    Teijin Aramid's innovative fibers are ideal for firefighters, providing materials for superior station gear, turn-out gear, and wildfire scenarios that deliver:

    • Heat resistance up to 400°C  
    • Structural integrity under heat and flame  
    • Improved flexibility 

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    Industrial workwear

    The safety of your team is paramount. Aramid-based clothing protects them from on-the-job threats across various industrial sectors with fabric that:

    • Offers excellent heat and flame protection
    • Provides superior strength with light weight
    • Delivers colorfastness and durability, even after repeated laundering 

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    Protective gloves

    In gloves and clothing, Twaron® covers high-risk factors, without limiting ease-of-use or compromising user mobility. Teijin Aramid's cut- and heat-resistant fiber can be customized to your needs:

    • Perfect for use in engineered yarns
    • Less fading due to UV light compared to competitors
    • Superior cut resistance in multiple glove/garment constructions 

    Racing suits

    Suits that allow racing drivers to focus entirely on their performance. Our certified and breathable protection apparel is designed to:

    • Reduce weight without compromising on protection
    • Give drivers a more tailored, comfortable fit
    • Minimize heat stress 

    Our aramids

    The all-round high performer. Suitable for manufacturers of products that need to be stronger, lighter, and more resistant to chemicals. 

    The premium para-aramid. It’s six times as strong as steel, with great heat and chemical resistance, ideal for industrial and reinforcement applications.

    High-performance protection. This meta-aramid offers excellent resistance to heat, flame and chemicals, making it ideal for use in the manufacture of protective textiles and other industrial applications.

    Protective wear expert

    Monica Lopez Lorenzo

    Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, Life Protection

    Monica Lopez Lorenzo

    Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, Life Protection

    “As an experienced Business Specialist in the chemicals industry, I've nurtured a deep-seated belief at Teijin Aramid – our responsibility extends beyond just supplying aramid; we must strive to ensure that protective clothing safeguards not only the wearer but the environment, aiming for recovery over landfilling at end-of-life. I love engaging with others who are equally dedicated to this transformative vision.” 


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