Integrity and Ethics

Upholding global standards

At Teijin Aramid, we take pride in upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics, which have established us as a trusted partner and a global leader in aramid technology. 

As a people-oriented organization with a reputation for strong governance, we believe in responsible leadership: setting the standard for ethical behavior and integrity-driven decision-making. We believe that innovation and an open, inclusive corporate culture go hand in hand. Fostering this culture is part of our true purpose; we aim to encourage a workplace built on the foundation of respectful interaction, where everyone feels they belong, can speak up, and will be heard.  

Participation in the UN Global Compact and SDGs

Our parent company Teijin Ltd has proudly joined the UN Global Compact, demonstrating the company’s commitment to supporting human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This commitment extends to Teijin Aramid, where we integrate these principles into our operations and decision-making processes.

Our Code of Conduct

The UN Global Compact also serves as the foundation for Teijin Aramid’s Code of Conduct. This comprehensive guide comprises a set of organizational rules and standards that reflect our values and beliefs. It embodies our ethical principles, our practices, and matters of legal compliance. All our employees are expected to follow the Code of Conduct.

Building a sustainable future

Teijin Aramid's sustainability goals are aligned with the SDGs of the Teijin Group and guided by global standards and guidelines. We believe in the power of shared objectives among countries, organizations, and individuals to drive meaningful change for a sustainable future, benefiting people, the planet, and our customers and suppliers.

Supply chain responsibility

Our priority is to partner with suppliers who share similar values to ours and uphold the same high ethical standards and principles. Therefore our Purchasing department is continuously optimizing our network of valued suppliers based on criteria such as reliability, cost competitiveness, innovation capability, and sustainability. We emphasize professionalism, collaboration, challenge, and trust in our supplier relationships. We expect our suppliers to adhere to our Code of Conduct, the Suppliers Corporate Social Responsibility Declaration, and our Sustainable Purchasing Policy.

Your voice matters

In our unwavering pursuit of improvement, we invite you, our valued stakeholders, to provide feedback, comments, and recommendations. Whether you are a customer, supplier, or other stakeholder, your insights are crucial. If you witness or suspect any unethical behavior on our part, please reach out to our Risk & Compliance Officer via the button below. Your courage in speaking up grants our organization the opportunity to evolve and enhance its practices.

By speaking up, you contribute to our continuous improvement journey, and for that, we are sincerely grateful. Together, let’s uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity at Teijin Aramid.