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Making ideas real

As leaders in aramid technology, we’re your ally in creating breakthroughs in quality, performance and sustainability for your applications. Our expertise and collaborative approach allow us to co-create sustainable, industry-specific advancements that bring your aspirations to life.


Empowering people and enhancing the quality of life in harmony with society.  


We create materials produced sustainably and enable our partners to go beyond performance to realize a sustainable future. 

Brand essence: Materializing ambitions 

Materializing ambitions is about transforming 'what if?' into 'what is'. Through continual research and development, we harness the potential of aramids, making the future tangible today. We don’t do this alone. With our partners, we co-create sustainable solutions, using our expertise to turn your ambitions into realities, into impactful, industry-specific advancements.  


We aim beyond high-performance materials to realize a sustainable future.


Collaboration drives innovation, the key to keeping us all competitive.


Recyclable high-performance aramid materials offer you lasting value.


The expertise embedded in our solutions means that they consistently deliver on their promise for your applications.


"Sustainability is historically embedded in our company – an eternal commitment on product development, innovation, and collaboration."

Peter ter Horst

CEO, Teijin Aramid


The Teijin Aramid story

Teijin Aramid has a long and proud history of meeting the challenges of its day with the creative, expert application of science. Here are five of our many milestones.

1973: Pioneering polymerization

On Christmas Eve 1973, Leo Vollbracht successfully polymerized PPTA, a groundbreaking development that laid the foundation for what we do​​ today.

1986: Twaron® production at scale

This year, with the completion of our Delfzijl factory and Emmen spinning plant, the first Twaron® fibers were produced, launching our journey into commercial production.

2000: Global expansion

In 2000, Teijin Ltd’s acquisition of Twaron® products integrated Teijin Aramid into a global materials group, unlocking investment, scale and global reach to penetrate new markets and segments.

2017: Leadership and growth

By 2017, Teijin Aramid became responsible for global aramid production, research and sales of Teijinconex® and Technora®, initiating expansion into new applications and cementing our position as the world's largest aramid manufacturer.

2023: Sustainable innovation

Celebrating over 50 years of sustainable business operations in 2023, we pioneered the first industrial-scale production of Twaron® using recycled feedstock, which retains the exceptional strength and durability of original Twaron® fibers.

Offices and locations

Teijin Aramid is a global organization with headquarters in the Netherlands and production facilities and R&D in the Netherlands, Japan and Thailand. Explore further information about our various locations and offices.

Code of conduct

Teijin Aramid upholds a Code of Conduct that fosters an inspiring, supportive atmosphere for achieving excellence. We’re also guided by the Teijin Group Code of Conduct that ensures rigorous ethical standards.

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Teijin Materials Group

Depth and diversity with the Teijin Materials group

As a member of the Teijin Materials group, Teijin Aramid has access to a rich reservoir of group knowledge and networks in areas of carbon fibers, resins, composites and other materials processing.

Sister companies

Our sister companies

We are proud to be part of our diversified network of sister companies. Each excels in its unique domain, from high-performance carbon fiber manufacturing to state-of-the-art industrial textiles. Our shared commitment is to quality, innovation and sustainability. 


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As partners in a variety of industries that use our aramids in their products, Teijin Aramid actively participates in numerous events and trade shows. Discover more about these, along with updates on our work, here.

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