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Over the years, we have invested in facilities and talent that have made us the industry authority on the application of aramid materials to consistently improve our customers’ products. Here are the facts:


Major R&D facilities that create value for our customers


Scientists available to consult and support industries


Granted patents and more than 35+ pending

Knowledge and expertise

Scientifically proven, business relevant

At Teijin Aramid, our deep-rooted scientific expertise and commitment to R&D shape quality solutions. We use and share our knowledge in collaborative partnerships that create value for customers across a spectrum of sectors and use cases.


Closing the circularity loop

We celebrated a 50% rise in the intake of end-of-life aramid material in 2022, and in a R&D breakthrough, we became the first to produce aramid on an industrial scale from circular material. Years of research and trials resulted in a production run of Twaron® produced from recycled yarn in 2023.


Our research and development streams

We’ve organized our expertise to cover a variety of customer needs.

    Technical account management

    Our technical account managers personally advise our customers on the best technical solutions for their needs from our regional offices. They often work closely with higher-level, diverse services of our Research and Innovation Center in Arnhem.

    • Advise on optimal aramid product selection and application  
    • Discuss customized solutions to fit unique requirements 
    • Troubleshoot technical challenges in product implementation and performance

    Approver enabler process

    We test materials on both primary and secondary properties. Secondary property testing refers to the performance of aramid applications in specific conditions, such as at extreme temperatures, certain levels of humidity, UV light or in sea water. This process ensures that, even when a product process undergoes adjustments, the performance and fit-for-purpose level of the aramid solution remains unaffected.  

    We are currently the only major aramid producer carrying out this type of testing in a systematic way.  

    Certification process support

    Once aramid solution has been defined, we work with partners and customers to achieve qualification and certification standards for new aramid applications. This process is supported in an ongoing manner by our approver enabler process.

    Quality guardianship

    Our R&D team is the custodian of our quality standards. They scrutinize our products and processes to safeguard product quality. Our Research and Innovation Center staff design and set the standards of quality and supply these to our quality testing teams at production to ensure that the product ordered meets the precise specifications required by the customer.

    Expert ecosystem

    Member, Dutch Polymer Institute

    Teijin Aramid is a proud industrial partner of the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI), which also includes academic partners Delft University of Technology and Groningen University. The institute is set to continue its crucial role as an international platform for polymer research. Together, we’re stimulating innovation and talent development, as part of our commitment to industry-driven research and development.

    Our aramids

    Our products

    We produce two types of para-aramids and one meta-aramid fiber. If you would like to know more about aramids, you can find out here.

    What is aramid?

    The all-round high performer. Suitable for manufacturers of products that need to be stronger, lighter, and more resistant to chemicals. 

    The premium para-aramid. It’s six times as strong as steel, with great heat and chemical resistance, ideal for industrial and reinforcement applications.

    High-performance protection. This meta-aramid offers excellent resistance to heat, flame and chemicals, making it ideal for use in the manufacture of protective textiles and other industrial applications.

    Quality assurance

    Resource Library

    Explore safety and quality assurance certificates that are in line with ISO quality standards. You can also find data about health and safety, eco-data sheets, and information about environmental impact at a corporate and product level. 

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    “The synergy between FibreMax and Teijin Aramid is strong. By producing our cables with Twaron®, we can develop cables with the exact length, strength, and stiffness to keep floating offshore wind turbines in place. Together with Teijin Aramid, we are building a greener future.”

    Duco Handgraaf, Managing Director, FibreMax BV

    R&D expert

    Otto Grabandt

    Global R&D Program Manager

    Otto Grabandt

    Global R&D Program Manager

    "With over 20 years of experience in applying our aramids in real world contexts, I am excited to continue to deliver value to new and existing customers. Be it through advice, testing, new research, or data insights on our own or alternative materials. We are always happy to support to think along with our clients."

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    Walter Nijhuis

    Senior R&D Scientist

    Walter Nijhuis

    Senior R&D Scientist

    "We add value to our aramid business in the field of sustainability by increasing our know-how and expertise in reclaiming aramid from (current) difficult to recycle end-of-life aramid composites. As a senior R&D scientist I continually seek areas for performance improvement while also working to create (future) circular solutions for air cargo containers and honeycomb cores."

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    Our hands-on internships and graduate projects are immersive experiences, guided by exceptional mentorship. They align academic aspirations with real-world applications, providing mutual value. Interns are an integral part of our dynamic environment, gaining insights from diverse and engaged experts.


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