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Professionals in military, law enforcement, and emergency services deserve the reliable, top-tier protection Twaron® provides. They depend on its durability, comfort and light weight to maximize survivability. Our expertise in developing aramids is dedicated to maximizing survivability and enhancing performance in these critical roles.


Exceptional energy absorption, tenacity and toughness provide high and robust protection against bullets, fragments, blade and spike threats.


Unwavering excellent performance after extensive environmental and mechanical stress tests gives users the confidence they need and expect.


Materials are 100% recyclable and can be transformed into new yarns and high-performance eco-advanced aramid pulp.


Protecting lives, protecting Earth

We work with the ballistic protection market to take back manufacturing waste, and used and end-of-life ballistic gear, thereby avoiding landfills. These products are demilitarized, cleaned, chopped and recycled into non-ballistic products.



For over three decades, our Twaron® has been helping to safeguard lives, providing durable and sustainable, impact-resistant ballistic protection for military, enforcement professionals and vehicles.

    Body Armor: Soft vests and insert plates

    The highest level of compliance with ballistic safety standards is our top priority, however, other aspects such as weight, comfort, freedom of movement, and durability also play a decisive role in the selection of personal protective armor materials. 

    • Exceptionally strong and tough
    • Excellent ability to absorb energy compared to its weight
    • High resistance to bullets, fragments and threats from sharp objects
    • Effective management of impact force, to minimize injury
    • Lightweight and flexible for easier movement 
    • Long-lasting and resistant to temperature changes and chemicals 
    • Sustainable – Twaron® can be recycled at the end of its lifespan


    Soldiers and police need advanced helmets that provide protection against bullets, shrapnel, grenade fragments, blast effects, and impacts. Helmets made with Twaron® offer:

    • High ballistic protection
    • Lightweight design
    • Durability  
    • Minimal Back Face Deformation (BFD) 

    Hard ballistic protection – armored vehicles

    Hard ballistic solutions based on Twaron® reduce overall system weight, allowing for enhanced maneuverability, and payload capabilities. Twaron® improves survivability, and is designed to meet the highest demands of ballistic resistance and low weight.

    • Protection against different types of threats, from direct gunfire to heavy explosives
    • Up to 60% lighter than steel, increasing maneuverability
    • Can be added to a vehicle during or after construction 

    Custom solutions

    Leveraging 35 years of ballistics expertise, we support the development of smart, custom-designed solutions, including hybrids. Our knowledge spans the entire process, from yarn to final product and includes the integration of Twaron® para-aramid with other materials. Customers gain from our extensive network and our dedicated team of engineers, backed by our world-class class testing and research facilities including a high tech shooting range. 

    The scope of our support covers development work for yarns, new fabrics, pre-pregs and laminates as well as support on the optimization of manufacturing processes.


    The all-round high performer. Suitable for manufacturers of products that need to be stronger, lighter, and more resistant to chemicals. 

    "As a reliable supplier of aramid yarns, Teijin Aramid has been an invaluable partner. We appreciate our cooperation and their trust in the Pro-Systems team to create solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible with aramid fibers."

    Marcin Dombrowski, Business Development Manager, Pro-Systems

    Ballistics expert

    Christian Boettger

    Global Technology and Application Manager

    Christian Boettger

    Global Technology and Application Manager

    “You can have the best fiber in the world; however, if you don’t know how to use it in a ballistic fabric or end-product, you won’t be successful. At Teijin Aramid we have the high performance fiber Twaron and all the necessary application knowledge needed, that is what makes us stand out."


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