6 June 2023

Sustainability Report 2022

Our ‘True Purpose’ Sustainability Report 2022 demonstrates a range of activities and initiatives that underscore our commitment to a circular economy for aramid. It presents a roadmap for reducing, avoiding, compensating for, and ultimately negating the environmental impact of our production facilities and our products.

We believe that both sustainable production and high-performance aramids are essential, and net zero by 2050 is our goal: This means zero waste and CO₂ neutrality through circular production processes.

Key highlights from the report

  • 100% electricity for our manufacturing, research and office facilities in the Netherlands is derived from wind
  • 28% improved carbon footprint for Twaron®, compared to 2014
  • 248,000 tons of CO₂ emissions avoided in the value chain
  • 50% increased retrieval of aramid waste, compared to 2021
  • 6.8% increase in amount of non-virgin material used in pulp production, compared to 2021

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“Our vision is of a circular economy that includes both carbon neutrality and high product performance.”

Peter ter Horst, CEO, Teijin Aramid

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