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High-performance materials

We specialize in the development of aramid materials, used in a range of industries and applications to enhance their strength, lightness and durability. The goal: Optimizing the performance of your applications in ballistic protection, renewable energy, automotive solutions, and many more.


As the aerospace industry moves towards carbon neutrality, aramids help by enabling lightweight, safe cargo solutions that boost aircraft efficiency. Their recyclability ensures you’re not only improving air travel, but also advancing sustainability.

Renewable energy

Tackle renewable energy projects in the most extreme conditions with our aramids: they're lightweight yet tough, designed for easy installation, and are low maintenance, perfect for deep-sea environments.


As the automotive world shifts gears towards electric and self-driving technology, our high-performance aramids are here to provide sustainable, tough and lightweight solutions, ready to enable the next wave of electric vehicles.

Protective wear

For over 50 years, we've supplied the personal protective equipment (PPE) industry with aramid-based clothing, creating gear that ensures the safety of professionals in high-risk environments, from firefighters and industrial workers to racing drivers.


For military, law enforcement, and emergency professionals, nothing beats the solid, trustworthy protection that aramids offer. They bring not just safety, but also a sustainable blend of comfort and durability.

“Teijin Aramid is a trusted partner to many industries and yet we are still curious. New applications, new challenges and complex problems are what drive us to perform at our best.”

Hendrik de Zeeuw

Commercial Director, Teijin Aramid


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