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High-performance materials – the answer to lightweight mobility

As the automotive industry accelerates towards electrification and autonomous vehicles, our high-performance aramids offer lighter weight, durable and sustainable solutions for the next generation of electric vehicles.


Para-aramids in tires provide strength without weight. This allows you to manufacture lighter weight tires without compromising performance.


Aramid pulp elevates the performance of brake systems, reducing braking harshness, and providing you with an opportunity to enhance driver comfort and safety.

More durable

Aramid provides exceptional strength, heat and chemical resistance, and long-term stability. That’s how we enable you to make durable automotive components.


Realizing a circular economy

As the automotive and tire industries navigate the shift to electric vehicles (EVs), our shared goals are clear: net zero emissions and full material circularity by 2050. EVs play a crucial role in this journey, and so do components made from our aramids, which decreases use-phase carbon footprint and increase battery range in EVs.

● Lower weight with the same performance
● Less fuel use and less CO2 emissions per kilometer


Solutions for lightweight mobility

Electric vehicles, driverless cars and other innovative technologies demand fresh thinking for sustainable mobility. We need lighter, stronger, more durable vehicles. This is where our aramids play a key role.

    Tire reinforcement

    Twaron® has remarkable heat-resistant properties and unique strength, contributing to lighter, stronger, more sustainable tires.

    ●    High strength, lower weight
    ●    Improved high-speed performance
    ●    Lower rolling resistance: less fuel, fewer emissions
    ●    Excellent tire shape uniformity

    Brake reinforcement

    High-performance Twaron® para aramid pulp elevates the performance of brake systems by reducing noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) and reducing brake dust emissions, thus providing you with an opportunity to enhance driver comfort and safety.

    ●    Reduced NVH
    ●    Less brake dust emissions compared to metallic solutions
    ●    Easy processability
    ●    Good wear performance

    Hose reinforcement

    Our aramids Twaron®, Technora® and Teijinconex® have outstanding reinforcement properties with exceptional resistance to thermal, dynamic and chemical damage. Aramid-reinforced hoses are stronger and last longer, making them especially suitable for maintenance-free electric vehicles (EVs).

    ●    Heat resistant up to 250℃ (Teijinconex)
    ●    High chemical resistance (fuel, cooling liquids, and more)
    ●    Decreased leaking and tearing
    ●    Retains durability and shape under high pressure and temperature

    Our aramids

    The all-round high performer. Suitable for manufacturers of products that need to be stronger, lighter, and more resistant to chemicals. 

    The premium para-aramid. It’s six times as strong as steel, with great heat and chemical resistance, ideal for industrial and reinforcement applications.

    High-performance protection. This meta-aramid offers excellent resistance to heat, flame and chemicals, making it ideal for use in the manufacture of protective textiles and other industrial applications.

    "At Beaver we believe that success is engineered. For more than 30 years we have been happy to call Teijin Aramid our partner on state of the art aramid solutions that meet, and surpass, the expectations of our customers. We continue to innovate together to this day."

    Michael Dubin, President & CEO, Beaver Manufacturing Company, Inc

    Automotive expert

    Marcel de Kloet

    Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, Automotive

    Marcel de Kloet

    Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, Automotive

    “Teijin Aramid’s reputation for providing high-performance materials for automotive applications is well established. As the automotive team leader, I’m eager to collaborate with interested partners to shape the future of mobility. With a strong customer-centric approach I look forward to building new and deeper partnerships in this industry." 


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