16 June 2023

First industrial-scale production of Twaron® using recycled material

Years of research and trials have resulted in a production run of Twaron® using recycled feedstock. The high-modulus filament yarn produced with recycled content has the same exceptional strength and durability as our original renowned Twaron® fibers. With the successful completion of trials on an industrial scale we’ve taken a step closer towards commercialization of circular Twaron®.

This is a milestone in our sustainability journey – a first for developing technology and a big step towards our goal of using an ever-increasing percentage of recycled content in the production of Twaron® yarn. We’ve been mechanically recycling end-of-life para-aramid products for decades. Now, our physical recycling technology will make circular aramids possible. Contact for more information. 

Key properties of Twaron®

Twaron® is our flagship product because of its unique combination of mechanical properties: 

  • High chemical resistance 
  • Exceptional strength and durability 
  • Light weight 
  • Excellent dimensional and thermal stability 
  • Superior abrasion resistance 


“The success of this is due to the knowledge, experience and cooperation with our customers and value chain partners, over many years."

Peter ter Horst, CEO, Teijin Aramid

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