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We produce aramid

Teijin Aramid produces synthetic fibers that are stronger than steel. The lightweight, heat-resistant properties of aramid ensure the numerous products where our aramid is incorporated are safer, stronger, and more sustainable. Aramid is used in many applications such as car tires, hockey sticks, bridges, personal protective clothing, and the suits of the Formula-E Envision Racing team. At our company, we respect and value your unique contribution and fully support diversity and inclusion.


We create a culture of equality where every employee feels at home.


We embrace all differences as strengths and encourage an inclusive culture of collaboration.


We value and recognize each employee's unique contributions, promoting their growth and success.


We recognize each other's differences and treat each other with respect.


"Diversity and inclusion are the driving force for innovation. To strengthen our business activities globally and accelerate innovation, it is essential to make full use of the abilities of diverse human resources who differ in race, religion, gender, or cultural background.”


CEO Teijin Limited

Company culture

At Teijin Aramid, we believe that company culture is closely connected to innovation.

This is why we aim to foster an open, innovative, and inclusive culture. Diversity and inclusion are about how we respectfully interact with each other within our organization. We want everyone to feel a sense of belonging


The Teijin Aramid story

Teijin Aramid has a long and proud history of meeting the challenges of its day with the creative, expert application of science. Here are five of our many milestones.



1973: Pioneering polymerization

On Christmas Eve 1973, Leo Vollbracht successfully polymerized PPTA, a groundbreaking development that laid the foundation for what we do​​ today.

1986: Twaron® production at scale

This year, with the completion of our Delfzijl factory and Emmen spinning plant, the first Twaron® fibers were produced, launching our journey into commercial production.

2000: Global expansion

In 2000, Teijin Ltd’s acquisition of Twaron® products integrated Teijin Aramid into a global materials group, unlocking investment, scale and global reach to penetrate new markets and segments.

2017: Leadership and growth

By 2017, Teijin Aramid became responsible for global aramid production, research and sales of Teijinconex® and Technora®, initiating expansion into new applications and cementing our position as the world's largest aramid manufacturer.

2023: Sustainable innovation

Celebrating over 50 years of sustainable business operations in 2023, we pioneered the first industrial-scale production of Twaron® using recycled feedstock, which retains the exceptional strength and durability of original Twaron® fibers.


Working at Teijin Aramid

Discover the possibilities at Teijin Aramid, where a legacy of innovation merges with a rich history.