21 Sept 2023

Teijin Aramid secures 2023 Trees for All certificate

Teijin Aramid reaffirms its commitment to combating climate change with a renewed partnership with Trees for All and a new certificate for 2023.

Since 2018, Teijin Aramid has been in a committed partnership with Trees for All, a foundation that plants trees in multiple countries including the Netherlands, Bolivia, and Mexico. This project was also covered in the Dutch television program, 3 Op Reis, where the CO2 compensation project in Bolivia was showcased.

Recently, this partnership was renewed until the end of 2024. Teijin Aramid annually offsets its CO2 emissions from business travels by car and airplane. In 2023, we offset 2385.87 tons of CO2 via a Bolivian reforestation project, up from 336.29 tons in 2022.

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"We’re proud of our new Trees for All certificate – it not only symbolizes our ongoing commitment to mitigating climate change, but also highlights our partnerships that help to create a sustainable future for all."

Jan Roos, Director for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Teijin Aramid

Trees for All

Trees for All projects are CBF- and ANBI-certified, and align closely with Teijin Aramid’s environmental protection and sustainability goals. Trees for All is committed to fostering eco-friendly forestry initiatives on an international scale. Their efforts span from their home country, the Netherlands, to various other European nations and beyond into emerging economies. This is a global focus shared by Teijin Aramid, acknowledging that the climate crisis has worldwide implications.

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