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The aerospace industry aims to become carbon neutral, and we’re here to help. Using aramids, you’re able to create lightweight, safe solutions that make planes more fuel efficient. And, these materials can be recycled, which means we're not just helping to build better planes, we're also closing the loop on sustainability.


Aircraft need to become lighter to be more sustainable. Teijin Aramid supports the industry through their supply of aramid reinforcements which are integrated in honeycomb composites.


Aramid-reinforced air cargo containers allow high-risk goods to be transported more safely by air.

More reliable

Aramids are tough. They increase the life of components and systems which means more predictable maintenance and fewer unscheduled repairs.


Safety and circularity in one solution

We collect aramid panels from air cargo containers – even if they're not our product – and give them a new life in the same application. By doing this with our partners, we're making aerospace more sustainable, one panel at a time.


Trusted applications for aerospace innovation

We're part of the aerospace industry ecosystem, dedicated to finding practical solutions to its most pressing issues, like improving fuel efficiency, mitigating fire risks in freight, and finding end-of-life solutions for materials.

    Unit loading device panel reinforcement

    Loading containers are key to safe and dependable air cargo transport. Aramid container panels are lighter than aluminum, reducing weight and fuel use. They’re also tougher, which increases the lifespan of the container fleet. Aramid containers safely transport high-risk cargo, like batteries, with the potential to ignite during transit.

    Honeycomb paper

    Aramid-based honeycomb paper is a well-established material in aerospace. We are committed to making it circular in the near future. This allows airlines to use a proven solution while completely eliminating waste from honeycombs. 

    Space exploration

    Aramid is the material of choice for space applications because it performs reliably under extreme conditions. Twaron® and Technora® are regularly used in space engineering for their lightweight and protective properties. Our products are there, adding strength and safety to applications from satellite reinforcement and spacesuits to rocket motor casings and parachute cords. 

    Our aramids

    The all-round high performer. Suitable for manufacturers of products that need to be stronger, lighter, and more resistant to chemicals. 

    The premium para-aramid. It’s six times as strong as steel, with great heat and chemical resistance, ideal for industrial and reinforcement applications.

    High-performance protection. This meta-aramid offers excellent resistance to heat, flame and chemicals, making it ideal for use in the manufacture of protective textiles and other industrial applications.

    “Through its innovative Twaron® solution, Teijin Aramid significantly boosts safety by, for example, helping to contain ​ ​lithium-ion battery fires, and reduces weight to save on fuel. Their commitment to circularity in panel production – is a pioneering and revolutionary approach for our air cargo industry.”

    Dan Ziegler, CCO, MACRO Industries

    Aerospace expert

    Ben Rolink

    Senior Market Manager

    Ben Rolink

    Senior Market Manager

    "My passion is connecting stakeholders and translating identified needs into practical solutions. I  contribute to enhancing safety standards in the aerospace industry with one goal: Helping to ensure safe and reliable flight." 


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