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Lightweight strength for extreme conditions

We empower you to tackle renewable energy projects in the most extreme conditions. Our lightweight aramid materials aren't just strong: designed for easy installation, they’re low maintenance and ready for deep-sea action that significantly lowers your carbon footprint compared to steel.


Weight reduction in renewable energy applications simplifies transport and installation.


Superior strength and high loading capacity provides longer lifetime.

Dynamic stiffness

Deformation resistance under fluctuating forces ensures consistent performance.


Corrosion resistance and thermal stability ensure excellent performance even after prolonged seawater exposure.


Securing a sustainable future

Easily recycled at the end of life, our aramid supports your transition to a circular economy. This not only reduces your carbon footprint, securing a more sustainable future for the renewable energy sector, but also contributes to the cleanliness of our seas and oceans.

One of our innovative projects repurposes used Twaron® yarn, spinning it into fresh strands without any loss in performance.


A trusted partner in renewable energy solutions

Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and expansive network of established partnerships, we offer a range of possibilities for applications across floating wind farms, hydrogen transportation, carbon capture solutions, deep-sea installations and more.

    Submarine power cables

    Submarine high-voltage power cables are transmission cables for carrying electric power below the surface of the seas and oceans. Reinforced with Twaron®, they’re lighter yet strong for deep-sea installation, and endure the rigorous conditions of floating turbines. 

    Twaron®-reinforced cables are also recyclable, making them the sustainable choice in armoring solutions.

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    Permanent mooring

    Stable floating wind platforms require strong, rigid and long-lasting materials. Mooring tendons made from Twaron® provide these qualities, with resistance to creep failure and high resistance to breaking. 

    This, and their low maintenance needs, make them an ideal choice for deep-sea operations and tension-focused mooring.

    Reinforced thermoplastic pipes

    Aramid-reinforced thermoplastic pipes (RTPs), with their excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, are crucial for future hydrogen infrastructure. 

    Twaron®-based RTPs not only make hydrogen gas transport safer but do so with a lifetime environmental impact three times lower than steel pipes, cementing them as the sustainable choice for the energy transition.

    Our aramids

    The all-round high performer. Suitable for manufacturers of products that need to be stronger, lighter, and more resistant to chemicals. 

    The premium para-aramid. It’s six times as strong as steel, with great heat and chemical resistance, ideal for industrial and reinforcement applications.

    High-performance protection. This meta-aramid offers excellent resistance to heat, flame and chemicals, making it ideal for use in the manufacture of protective textiles and other industrial applications.

    “The synergy between FibreMax and Teijin Aramid is strong. By producing our cables with Twaron®, we can develop cables with the exact length, strength, and stiffness to keep floating offshore wind turbines in place. Together with Teijin Aramid, we are building a greener future.”

    Duco Handgraaf, Managing Director, FibreMax BV

    Renewable energy experts

    Satyavan Hange

    Global Market Manager

    Satyavan Hange

    Global Market Manager

    "As a Global Market Manager my main objective is to position Teijin Aramid as the preferred partner for the development of floating wind platforms by offering reliable aramid-based mooring solutions. We provide lightweight, durable, and sustainable solutions for floating wind turbines that not only contribute to the cleanliness of our oceans but also fosters a sustainable future for all." 


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    Rob van Gerwen

    Global Market Manager

    Rob van Gerwen

    Global Market Manager

    "Teijin Aramid is keen to fasten the energy transition. Twaron® fibers enable the installation of submarine power cables in deep water due to its low weight and stiffness. For hydrogen pipelines we reduce the carbon footprint compared with steel with 70%. As a Global Market Manager, I am excited to explain how our innovations enable offshore renewable energy sources."


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