21 February, 2024

Teijin Aramid and FibreMax Drive Floating Wind Innovation

In a stride towards sustainable energy, Teijin Aramid and FibreMax have secured a €4 million subsidy from the Just Transition Fund Groningen-Emmen (JTF) for our groundbreaking Floating Wind project. This initiative marks a significant advancement in renewable energy.

Floating Wind technology is at the forefront of wind energy innovation, involving the generation of wind power through turbines anchored to the seabed. Unlike traditional wind turbines, these floating structures demand specialized anchor cables, capable of enduring the harsh marine environment. 
The challenge in floating wind technology lies not just in buoyancy but in ensuring stability in depths surpassing 60 meters, making the role of advanced tendons critical.

Our collaboration with FibreMax has been pivotal in achieving this. We’re co-developing robust tendons made from recycled synthetic fibers – a promising alternative to conventional steel cables. 

FibreMax has been our longstanding collaborator, and together we’re providing integrated solutions for the burgeoning floating offshore wind sector. Aligned with the vision of the Ministries of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) and Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK), our partnership aims to set new industry standards, accelerate the energy transition, and foster a resilient labor market with sustainable work practices. 

With the JTF subsidy, we are set to make significant contributions to a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, reducing socioeconomic inequality and promoting a greener economy.

FibreMax's cables are carefully manufactured using our revolutionary endless winding technology, which ensures that the parallel fibers have exceptional strength and consistency. Unlike traditional braided cables, our cables exhibit strength, stiffness and resistance to fatigue and wear, making them ideal for the challenging conditions of floating offshore wind farms.

Sander van Helvoort, Director of Renewable Energy at FibreMax

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