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Materializing ambitions

Industry value

Working with Teijin Aramid for subsea cable projects

With over fifty years of experience in aramid technology, we have developed a wide range of skills to support your project, not just supplying excellent materials. We have often pioneered the use of aramid in new industries and can be flexible and creative enough to act as a reliable partner from start to finish. 


Long-term partnerships drive innovation and reliable product performance.


In-house aramid rope and cable expertise builds trust across offshore applications.


Sustainable solutions with circular aramid create greater value.


Enhancing interconnector efficiency with high-performance Twaron®

​​​Twaron® streamlines interconnector installations by preventing cable elongation and reducing overall weight. This allows crews to lay longer lengths at a time, making the process quicker and more energy efficient. With its high strength-to-weight ratio, Twaron® ensures light, durable cables that boost project safety and ​efficiency.


S​​ustainable Twaron® solutions

​Twaron® allows more cable transported per shipment compared to steel-reinforced alternatives. This efficiency reduces the number of trips needed, thus cutting carbon emissions and minimizing mid-project resupply runs. With the low carbon footprint of Twaron® in production and recyclability options, its environmental benefits align with the goals of partners committed to successful and eco-friendly installations.

Product value

Aramid​ ​​reinforced power cables for superior durability

Twaron® offers unmatched cost efficiency and reliability for armoring deep-sea power cables that extend beyond a depth of 1000 ​​ meters. Teijin Aramid aims to enhance project performance and reduce risks by partnering with the submarine power cable industry.

Lightweight strength

6x stronger than steel, enabling longer cables and reduced gear strain.

Reliable performance

M​olecular stability minimizes creep, ensuring prolonged cable integrity.

Superior stiffness

Ensuring optimal underwater stability with superior dynamic stiffness.

Sustainable choice

C​​uts material use and energy, lowering emissions for greener installations.

Our expertise

Our research and development streams

We’ve organized our expertise to cover a variety of customer needs.

    Technical account management

    Our technical account managers personally advise our customers on the best technical solutions for their needs from our regional offices. They often work closely with higher-level, diverse services of our Research and Innovation Center in Arnhem.

    • Advise on optimal aramid product selection and application  
    • Discuss customized solutions to fit unique requirements 
    • Troubleshoot technical challenges in product implementation and performance

    Approver enabler process

    We test materials on both primary and secondary properties. Secondary property testing refers to the performance of aramid applications in specific conditions, such as at extreme temperatures, certain levels of humidity, UV light or in sea water. This process ensures that, even when a product process undergoes adjustments, the performance and fit-for-purpose level of the aramid solution remains unaffected.  

    We are currently the only major aramid producer carrying out this type of testing in a systematic way.  

    Certification process support

    Once aramid solution has been defined, we work with partners and customers to achieve qualification and certification standards for new aramid applications. This process is supported in an ongoing manner by our approver enabler process.

    Quality guardianship

    Our R&D team is the custodian of our quality standards. They scrutinize our products and processes to safeguard product quality. Our Research and Innovation Center staff design and set the standards of quality and supply these to our quality testing teams at production to ensure that the product ordered meets the precise specifications required by the customer.


    Rob van Gerwen

    Global Market Manager

    Rob van Gerwen

    Global Market Manager

    "Teijin Aramid is keen to fasten the energy transition. Twaron® fibers enable the installation of submarine power cables in deep water due to its low weight and stiffness. For hydrogen pipelines we reduce the carbon footprint compared with steel with 70%. As a Global Market Manager, I am excited to explain how our innovations enable offshore renewable energy sources."


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