23-25 October 2023

Join us at the National Safety Congress 2023

We’re exhibiting at NSC Safety Congress & Expo 2023, the world’s largest annual safety event. We would like to show you our safety-enhancing materials and discuss your needs. Join us at booth 1137, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, October 23 – 25. 

Safe today, sustainable for tomorrow

At this year's NSC, our decade-long approach to PPE is embodied in two key themes – premium material excellence and sustainability, both emphasized by our plan for material circularity in protective wear, promoting safety today and sustainability tomorrow.

Workwear expertise

In the oil and gas industry, electrical utilities, and other sectors where heat and cut protection are vital, Twaron® and Teijinconex® yarns add even more value to the safety features of gloves. Known for their superior heat, cut, and abrasion resistance, Teijin yarns offer lightweight yet robust protection, ensuring flexibility and dexterity for professionals who work in these high-risk environments and are serious about health and safety.

Sustainable solutions in PPE

The material in PPE garments is too valuable to end in landfills, and we’re committed to making our material lifecycle circular. At NSC, we’ll be presenting our roadmap on how we can achieve this ambitious goal. We seek like-minded individuals and companies to join us in achieving circularity in PPE. Visit our booth if you want to get involved.


We’re showcasing our high-performance aramids, specifically designed for the personal protection industry.

  • Our flagship meta-aramid, Teijinconex®, offers robust and reliable protection, making it ideal for the demanding environments of the oil and gas, and electrical utility industries.
  • Our para-aramid Twaron®, engineered for safety, sustainability, and durability, has become a trusted material in safety gloves.

Our aramids, characterized by their exceptional resistance to heat, flame, chemicals and fire, are crucial materials for conditions demanding superior thermal stability. Their cut resistance and capability to withstand melting under extreme conditions make them ideal for a variety of lightweight personal protective workwear applications, including firefighting gear, automotive racing suits, and beyond. 

Arrange a meeting at NSC

Booth 1137

Arrange a meeting at NSC

Booth 1137

If you’re interested in discussing any topics related to PPE or material circularity, please contact one of our sales representatives Dominique Adams, Steve Smith, or Keir High to set up a meeting.


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About NSC

NSC is the National Safety Council, America's leading nonprofit safety advocate, which focuses on eliminating the leading causes of preventable death in the workplace, on the road, and in homes and communities. NSC provides resources for workers, helps employers create a culture of safety, and uses research and data to drive better, smarter, and more personal safety programs. 

For more information about NSC, visit https://congress.nsc.org/nsc2023/public/enter.aspx