12-14 March 2024

Join us at the World Cargo Symposium 2024

We're excited to meet you at the World Cargo Symposium, the key gathering for aerospace and aviation industry experts. Join us from 12 – 14 March at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. Find us in hall 3 at booth 87, ready to welcome you and share our latest innovations. 

The aerospace industry needs to achieve sustainability without compromising high performance. At this event, we will demonstrate how Twaron® can contribute to achieving material circularity. 

Building a sustainable future in aerospace 
Explore our latest breakthroughs in sustainable aramid solutions. Our recent research focuses on the essential need for sustainable materials, underscoring our dedication to eco-friendly innovation while maintaining our consistent high-quality standards 

Innovative air cargo containers 
Explore how Twaron® aramid fibers contribute superior fire resistance, enhanced durability, and lightweight design in the construction of air cargo containers. These advancements show our commitment to high-strength materials and reinforced polymers in the aviation industry.

Collaboration with Macro Industries 
Join us alongside Dan Ziegler to explore our joint efforts in developing a lightweight, fire-resistant, and more durable alternative to sheet metal. Macrolite is impacting the design and manufacture of aircraft components with its composite material’s superior impact resistance and flame retardancy. Learn more about Macrolite here. 

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Hall 3, booth 87

Arrange a meeting

Hall 3, booth 87

Meet Ben Rolink (Teijin Aramid) and Dan Ziegler (Macro Industries) to discuss how we're transforming the aerospace industry with lightweight composites, reinforced polymers, and high-strength materials. Discover how our sustainable solutions in aramid materials are shaping the future of aviation.

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About World Cargo Symposium, 2024

The World Cargo Symposium (WCS) is the air cargo industry's leading annual event, drawing professionals worldwide to delve into technology, innovation, security, and sustainability. WCS 2024 will feature engaging plenary sessions, workshops, and executive summits, making it the essential platform for industry insights and advancements. For more details, visit: https://www.iata.org/en/events/all/wcs