29 April, 2024

Forging the Future of Firefighting

Since 1996, GoodPRO has been renowned for its high-quality protective clothing for various industries. In 2010, it expanded its product range to include firefighter gear. Seeking the best materials led to a pivotal partnership with Teijin Aramid after 2015's INTERSCHUTZ trade fair, selecting Teijin Aramid as a crucial supplier for their meta-aramid and para-aramid fibers.  

This collaboration improved the performance and durability of GoodPRO's garments, affirming their commitment to premium quality.  

"We only use high-performance, reliable materials for our GoodPRO suits. We need to ensure the perfect blend of meta-aramid and para-aramid fibers to deliver optimal protection and color durability."
Jiří Koželuh, Sales Manager, GoodPRO 

An innovative partnership

The partnership between GoodPRO and Teijin Aramid is anchored in a shared goal to enhance firefighter safety with advanced protective gear. Teijin Aramid's innovative materials, namely Technora®, Twaron®, and Teijinconex®, bring exceptional heat resistance, strength, and color stability to GoodPRO's firefighter garments. These qualities meet and surpass industry standards, addressing firefighters' needs for lighter, more manageable, and durable gear without compromising on protection. 

Market demands and user feedback from firefighters inform fabric property parameters. The main objective is to exceed the standards set by European Standard 469. GoodPRO continuously consults with Teijin Aramid for expert advice on fiber selection, aiming for the highest strength with minimal heat transfer and final weight. After extensive negotiations and testing, the fabric composition is finalized and goes into production. 

GoodPRO's product line showcases the effective application of Teijin Aramid's fibers. The FireShark garments, for example, use a blend of Teijinconex® and Twaron®, balancing robust protection with lightness. The FireWarrior line enhances flexibility and comfort with the addition of Technora® fibers. The FireSnake FR series, aimed at outdoor interventions, provides enhanced color durability from Teijin Aramid's dope dyeing technology, allowing longer use of the garment in the life cycle too.

"GoodPRO crafts quality emergency clothing with Teijin Aramid’s fibers, offering unparalleled protection against heat, fire, and stress for firefighters' demanding and dangerous work."

Jiří Koželuh, Sales Manager, GoodPRO

Raising the bar in TFA competitions

The Toughest Firefighter Alive (TFA) competition, an event that challenges firefighters' endurance and skill, has been the testing ground for firefighting gear.

Since 2013, GoodPRO has provided specialized gear, starting with a race suit for Lukáš Novák, a dominant figure in TFA contests. In 2018, Teijin Aramid enhanced this partnership by sponsoring the Czech TFA team, introducing athletes' gear made from Teijinconex®, Twaron®, and Technora®. This cooperation contributed to Czech competitors, including Lukáš Novák, Petr Moleš, Michal Brousil, and Pavel Kouřík, as they have been achieving remarkable success in international competitions such as the World Police and Fire Games (WPFG), securing top podium spots from 2015.  

Pioneering the next generation of firefighter gear

GoodPRO's dedication to firefighter safety has led to the innovative smartPRO® garments, marking a significant advancement in emergency gear. Utilizing Teijin Aramid's heat- and flame-resistant aramid fibers for passive protection, GoodPRO has transitioned to active protection with the smartPRO® series. Developed in partnership with Teijin Aramid, these garments feature advanced electronics for real-time temperature monitoring, integrated LED lighting for increased visibility, and a BlackBOX for data recording. A mobile app enables location tracking and critical data transmission to command centers, enhancing firefighter safety and response capabilities.

“With Teijinconex®, Twaron®, and Technora® fibers, we consistently achieve outstanding tensile and tear strength and surpass European standards. ” 
Jiří Koželuh, Sales Manager, GoodPRO 

In addition to smart garments, the 3-layer FR3 FireBull garment is under development, combining Teijinconex® and Technora® for superior performance and lighter weight. This collaboration has set new standards in emergency clothing, offering unmatched protection, durability, and color-fastness. Soon, these innovations will underscore GoodPRO's product excellence. 

Innovating for bravery 

This partnership has paved the way for protective garments, setting new industry standards and victories in top firefighting competitions. It has also brought international acclaim to GoodPRO's Teijin Aramid-enhanced gear. The achievements of celebrated Czech firefighters, wearing gear constructed from Teijin Aramid’s innovative fibers, highlight the impact of this collaboration. As they look to the future, GoodPRO and Teijin Aramid’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of firefighters promises the continuous development of advanced protective solutions. This dedication ensures that the bravery of firefighters is matched with the highest caliber of safety gear, marking the enduring legacy and profound commitment of this partnership to safeguarding those who protect us.

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