Enhancing performance, enriching lives

Materializing ambitions


Advancing sustainability, one step at a time

We're more than a leading aramid solutions provider – we're your partner in making a difference. From fuel-efficient commutes to space exploration, our materials are there, quietly supporting breakthroughs that matter to you.

We're committed to developing materials that enhance the quality of life and secure a sustainable future. 


We aim beyond high-performance materials to realize a sustainable future.


Collaboration drives innovation, the key to keeping us all competitive.


Recyclable high-performance materials offer you lasting value.


The expertise embedded in our solutions means that they consistently deliver on their promise for your applications.


Confronting climate change

Climate change is the defining challenge of our generation. Our Sustainability Report explains how we’re meeting the challenge by reducing CO₂ emissions, developing sustainable end-of-life solutions, and promoting the use of renewable materials and recycling.

Full compliance is key to the way we work and conduct our business at Teijin Aramid. As part of our quest for transparency, we invite you to access these certificates and statements, which reflect our independently audited performance measurements.


“Through our work at Teijin, we strive to ensure that every innovation meets the needs of today and respects the world of tomorrow. Working towards a circular, sustainable economy is key to doing both.”

Akimoto Uchikawa

President and CEO, Teijin Group


Our industry impact

Our aramids are applied in a range of industries, each with unique challenges and opportunities. We’re proud to contribute to their growth and continued high performance. 


Enabling the future of flight with lightweight, fireproof and sustainable aerospace composite solutions.

Renewable energy

Empowering the development of a greener future by bolstering renewable energy innovations with our high-strength materials.


Driving sustainable mobility forward with durable, lightweight solutions. Solutions to support an industry in transition.

Protective wear

More than a protective layer, we’re ensuring sustainable safety solutions for people in high-risk occupations.


At the forefront of high-performance ballistic protection for over three decades, our portfolio of products safeguards those who protect us.

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New and upcoming

As partners in a variety of industries that use our aramids in their products, Teijin Aramid actively participates in numerous events and trade shows. Discover more about these, along with updates on our work, here.

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