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High-performance composite ULDs Since 2006, Alabama-based MACRO Industries, Inc. has been developing MACRO-Lite, which are sturdy, impact-resistant composite panels for Unit Load Devices (ULDs) made with Teijin Aramid’s Twaron. Watch this video on Tudou Specifically, MACRO-Lite leverages the high-performance properties of Twaron and MACRO Industries’ proprietary resin, allowing air freight containers to weigh less, meet higher safety standards, require fewer repairs, and have a lower environmental impact. Thanks to the durability of MACRO-Lite panels, they also provide a cost-effective solution for ULDs. In addition, ULDs with MACRO-Lite panels can contain a fire with a peak temperature of 650°C for four hours, while an aluminum container could only do so for a few minutes. The extra time is crucial in allowing flight crews to land safely in the event of an in-flight fire. In addition, this higher fire-resistance will allow cargo companies to comply with potentially stricter safety regulations regarding the transport of lithium-ion batteries.

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The sky’s the limit with Twaron Teijin Aramid’s innovative aramid materials are revolutionizing the air cargo industry by radically improving the performance of Unit Load Devices (ULDs). In particular, aramid materials are used to produce MACRO-Lite panels to make ULDs lighter, stronger, and flame-retardant. As such, airlines can cut fuel costs and limit their environmental impact, while also transporting lithium batteries safely. Check out our infographic on the benefits of using ULDs with MACRO-Lite panels:

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Norris Luce about how MACRO-Lite is tested  With over 27% of all in-flight safety incidents being caused by lithium-ion battery malfunctions, minimizing the risks of these incidents is key to keeping passengers safe. Unit Load Devices (ULDs) made with MACRO-Lite panels allow air freight containers to be more flame-retardant, enabling the safer transport of lithium-ion batteries.

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