Building your career


Working at Teijin Aramid means a lifelong learning journey

Personal growth and development are highly valued in our company. Our goal is materializing ambitions.


We offer in-house training at one of our production locations. This way you are always up to date with the latest developments.


We have various courses and training available in our own Learning Center. This way you work on your own ambitions.


We also provide managers with various management programs to maintain and develop their knowledge.

"Lifelong learning is important, especially in today's society where technology is constantly evolving. The key is that everyone learns differently. Our personal development budget addresses that and encourages confidence in one's abilities."

Miriam Leenders, CPO Teijin Aramid


Investing in yourself at Teijin Aramid

At Teijin Aramid, we strongly believe in encouraging individual ambitions and facilitating personal growth. By allowing our employees to work on their own ambitions, we create an environment in which they can develop to their full potential. We like to invest in you and believe that continuous learning and development are the keys to success.


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We encourage progress through collaboration and continuously raise the bar for our performance. Personal growth and development are at the core of realizing our ambitions together. Will you realize your ambitions with us?