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New pipe solutions

Vast networks of pipes have been installed around the world for the transportation of liquids, gases, solids, products and deposits. Each day, new pipelines are being installed, replacing existing lines to ensure production or creating new connections. As demands become stricter and conditions harder, the industry has been keen on finding more economical and efficient solutions to answer to these challenging conditions. To support this industry a dedicated team at Teijin Aramid is working every day to find new aramid solutions for cutting-edge pipe solutions.

New markets, new applications
Aramid fiber reinforced pipes are used for transportation of all kinds of fluids at a wide range of temperatures. When a new type of pipe is being developed, in-depth understanding of the performance and reliability of the reinforcement materials is required. When looking for solutions at elevated temperatures or combinations with other types of materials, Teijin Aramid has a dedicated team of experienced experts that can offer help in creating an efficient new pipe design.

A strong example of creating new possibilities by using Twaron in pipes, is the development of coilable Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP’s) for use in oil & gas applications.

Twaron’s high modulus, high strength (even at elevated temperatures), high tenacity versus low weight, and excellent corrosion resistance give it a significant advantage over other reinforcement materials, such as steel, glass and carbon fiber. In fact, the unique combination of properties makes it the logical choice for RTP. For those cases where long-term resistance to even higher temperatures is required, an even better performing alternative is offered with Technora.

Twaron or Technora reinforced RTPs are:

  • Light-weight
  • Highly flexible
  • Robust
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Have high-pressure ratings

This combination of features make it extremely attractive for a wide range of pipe applications, including civil and industrial applications – if not a truly unique and sustainable solution.

Bright view
The Teijin Aramid team helps with designing pipes engineered for elevated temperatures applications according to the available standards, such as ISO 9080. The team also has a wide experience in supporting the certification process at certifying bodies. Offering know-how on the long-term performance of aramid fibers is one of the key elements in such processes.

Teijin Aramid believes that the best break-through solutions are ‘co-creations’ based on shared know-how and technical expertise in products, production processes and market requirements. To enable the development of reinforced pipes, we typically work in partnership with our customers. The successful development of this technology can be made possible by the cooperation of R&D and technology support resources within each of the cooperating organizations. By working closely with our partners in the industry, we can create the most cost-effective, reliable and customized solutions for our customers.

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