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Reinforced pipes

Vast networks of pipes have been installed around the world for the transportation of liquids, gases and solids. Each year, new pipelines are installed – many by the oil and gas industry – to replace existing pipes, to create new transportation connections, or for use in new applications. The standard material used in these pipes is steel, but its vulnerability to corrosion can cause major problems.


Market developments

On-shore oil fields are characterized by a dense distribution of oil wells. These oil wells are connected to trunk lines by so-called flowlines. The trunk lines transport the oil to ship-loading facilities or oil-processing plants. Over the lifetime of an oil well, pressure in the well needs to be increased in order to maintain acceptable output. When steel is used for this type of application, it can suffer significantly from corrosion. Chemicals in the oil can corrode the inside of the pipe, while weather conditions and a salty environment can cause outside corrosion. Even in well-equipped, well-managed, well-maintained pipeline systems in oil fields, leakage due to corrosion is an inevitable hazard. However, pipes which contain Twaron as a reinforcement material can be 100% non-metalic, therefore non-corrosive, light-weight and flexible. After years of thorough testing, the pipe-using industries can now take advantage of a product that immediately resolves some of the major problems in traditional flowlines, leading to better output and less waste.

A unique solution

Twaron’s high modulus, high strength (even at elevated temperatures), high tenacity versus low weight, and excellent corrosion resistance give it a significant advantage over other reinforcement materials, such as glass and carbon fiber.

Twaron reinforced pipes are:

  • Light-weight
  • Highly flexible
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Have high-pressure ratings
  • Extremely reliable
  • Can be certified according to ISO 9080 and API RP 15S and others

This combination of features make it extremely attractive in the oil and gas industry – if not a truly unique and sustainable solution. And for those cases where resistance to even the highest temperatures is required, we can offer an even stronger reinforcement alternative with Technora.


Twaron reinforced pipes can be designed to withstand a range of high operating pressures and temperatures (e.g., 90 bar, 1300 Psi, at 65°C or 150°F). They can also be produced and transported in continuous lengths of up to several hundred meters without couplings. Teijin Aramid has strongly supported its partners with the development of a Twaron-reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) to overcome many of the issues that affect existing steel-based pipe systems. It is lightweight and flexible. RTP is also fast and easy to install, low-maintenance, and has an operating lifetime of up to 50 years. Because of these properties, RTP is expected to play an important role in the transportation of oil, water and gas – particularly in the extreme climatic conditions found in deserts, the arctic or the tropics.

Investing in the future

These Twaron-reinforced pipes have been developed over the course of a decade. In that time, we have constantly renewed and improved our technology, our processes and our end product in order to meet the market’s very highest standards. We are heavily involved in creating additional value and customer benefits by moving with our products in new pipe solutions. A combination of creativity and technical excellence is required, and most of these projects are done in co-development with other market parties. To ensure the highest reliability and long-term performance Twaron is extensively tested to prove its endurance and durability. Sustainability is a theme where our company is heavily involved in. To a certain extent, sustainability is key for aramid solutions in the pipe industry: as steel replacement, our durable products offer efficiency improvement and as a result energy and maintenance reduction. Waste aramid can often be reclaimed and recycled for other applications.


We believe that the best solutions are ‘co-creations’ based on shared know-how and technical expertise in products, production processes and market requirements. To enable the development of for example the abovementioned RTPs, we worked in partnership with our customers. The successful development of this technology was made possible by the cooperation of R&D and technology support resources within each of the cooperating organizations. We believe that, by working closely with our partners in the industry, we can create the most cost-effective, reliable and customized solutions for our customers.

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