Chief Operator monomers

  • As the chief operator, you will play a key role to play in supporting the Shift to a Team-Leader in the monitoring and control of the means of production. 
  • You have to ensure that the output is an effective way to meet the set standards in terms of quality, quantity, safety and environment protection. 
  • The work will take place within 5 working shift at our facility in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, in the area of’s ip address/ON. In this way, you contribute to the successful running of the production activities and the achievement of our goals at all levels.


We offer a highly competitive salary.

Personal Budget

For every employee, there is a Personal Flex Budget available with an option of more days off per year.


Our employees each receive a green and personal development budget of €1500.


You will enter a knowledgeable team of colleagues.

Role and department

In Delfzijl we work with, ca. 250 people every day, on the production of the raw materials for our most successful product to Product's seat. For the monomers, the PPD and TDC will be produced. These monomers are then used in the closed process, assembled, so that there is a unique aramidepolymeer (Polyparafenyleenteraftal-amide) is formed. In a separate factory, we solvents are returned for re-use. After drying, the polymer is packaged and transported to the production of Teijin Aramid in Emmen, the Netherlands, where it is spun up Twaron®.

As the chief operator at Teijin Aramid, you will have a varied and responsible role. Your main duties will include monitoring and control of the postscript printer description (PPD/ON process, where you put in to ensure that the output is an efficient and effective manner compliant with the standards laid down. In addition, you can be the replacement of the Shift, the Team Leader, when out of the office, where you will play a key role in leading the team and ensuring that everything continues smoothly. You're a whiz at making connections and looking for the relevant data to solve these problems effectively, to deal with them.

In addition, you will be contributing to the coordination and preparation of non-routine activities. Your organizational skills, you can make sure that these are the special activities that will be carried out, in which you'll have the right resources and planning efforts. In this challenging position as chief operator at Teijin Aramid, you will play a key role to play in ensuring the efficient and high-quality production process, all the while, the well-being of the team and their compliance with the standards for health, safety and environmental protection.

Your profile

This function allows you to have a well-rounded education Vapro-C MTS, process engineering, or equivalent. You will master the knowledge and skills of an all-Round Operator. In addition: 

  • You have wealth of experience in the chemical and process industries and in-depth knowledge of the postscript printer description (PPD/ON a factory would be an advantage. 
  • You have good communication skills (customer).
  • You are flexible, and focused on both the process and the technical and organizational improvement; 
  • Identify problems and possible causes,
  • Make effective use of the time and the skill of its staff members 
  • You can constructively work with a broad range of disciplines; 
  • You have a pro-active attitude of t.a.d. the opportunities and health and to the environment; 
  • You are results-oriented and cost-effective.

Our offer

  • A salary of up to € 4938,- gross per month, based on full-time employment contract (excluding vat). Holiday 8.33%). The classification is made on the basis of knowledge and experience. 
  • in addition, a shift bonuses from 32.6% working in some of the most complex chemical factory in the Netherlands and is so much fun! 
  • A green - and-development budget of € 1500 gross. 
  • A full-time job in the five-shift service. 
  • The green - and-development budget of € 1500 gross.

Information and apply process

Email, call or app our recruiter Caesar Lubach on 06-22940973 or via caesar.lubach@teijinaramid.com. Do we see a suitable match? Then we would like to invite you for an interview at our office.

Caesar Lubach


Caesar Lubach


I find happiness in creating connections, helping professionals develop, and making the impossible possible through my perseverance, experience, and network. 


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