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Please find below an overview of reports and client magazines that we have published over the years.

Sustainability report

Aramid vision





Aramid Vision, October 2014





Aramid Vision, June 2014

CoverAramid Vision November 2013



Aramid Vision May 2013



Aramid Vision May 2012



Aramid Vision November 2011


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Teijin Aramid @TeijinAramid
Combined technology of @polyflowglobal & Teijin Aramid keep gas- & oil-fields running smoothly
(about 21 hours ago)
Teijin Aramid @TeijinAramid
How our #Twaron helps saving lives? Find out in this stunning story from Lieutenant Murphy;
(about 1 day ago)
Teijin Aramid @TeijinAramid
Gaskets containing Twaron pulp offer reliable solutions to the growing demand for durability.
(about 2 days ago)