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We are dedicated to purchase para- and meta-aramid scrap in its manifold forms – processed and unprocessed, pure or contaminated. This material is being recycled and converted into pulp, which can be used as asbestos-replacement in numerous high-tech applications. And, we are also able to offer recycled spun yarn for other applications. This variety of recycling options enables us to accept a broad range of aramid scrap.

In order to further expand the range of materials suitable for recycling, we constantly work on developing new appropriate converting processes for your aramid waste. Let’s work together in improving the eco-efficiency of the aramid life cycle and contact us to find out how we can support you to decrease your eco- and carbon-footprint.

What do we collect?

Where and how do we collect?

Thanks to the global reach of our organization, we can buy back aramid waste from all over the world. Simply gather up your waste – we will pick it up and sort it out for an agreed price.

What is your advantage?

  • Instead of having to pay for the proper disposal of your aramid waste, you can turn it into a revenue-stream, which saves you money
  • Guaranteed demilitarization (with certificate)
  • Sustainable solution for your waste
  • Improved eco-efficiency balance
  • Meet sustainability regulations and legislation
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Mr. Wilfried Bader
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