We see sustainability as the joint responsibility of the entire value chain, and we are actively seeking to take responsibility for our part. That’s why we’re looking for new ways of contacting, interacting and cooperating with our partners in the value chain. We want to engage with you in a learning process through which we can improve our sustainability performance.

By combining your valuable market insights with our technical expertise, we can develop sustainable products and solutions that are good for both of us – and for the planet. Let’s start by exchanging our visions and ambitions on this theme, so that we can learn more about the sustainable priorities of both our companies.

The aramid products in our portfolio are intrisically capable of enabling sustainability. For example, with its exceptional resistance to extreme conditions, Twaron contributes to global trends in sustainability like saving weight, conserving scarce raw materials and making products that are tougher and more durable. Also, through its extensive recycling program, Teijin Aramid is committed to safeguarding the value of its aramid wherever possible.

Over the past few years, Teijin Aramid has invested in sustainability by executing Eco-Efficiency Analyses (EEAs). Using these analyses, we are able to quantify the potential eco-footprint reductions, energy savings or CO2 emission reductions of certain products and solutions throughout their useful lifetimes. These can then be compared with other solutions in the market. Positive EEA-results can create value for you, your customer and the customer of your customer.

If you are interested in cooperating with us or would like to discuss issues regarding sustainability, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Harrie BosmanManager eco-efficiency services
Mr. Harrie Bosman
+31 882 689 145