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HSE Report 2014

Welcome to the Teijin Aramid Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Report 2014. In 2014, we continued to make valuable products for our customers at affordable, competitive prices, while guaranteeing the quality of our products, work safety, and compliance with regulations. Our continuous improvement program, KenZen, helps us to achieve this. KenZen focuses on working smarter; making better use of our possibilities and focusing on the needs of our customer.

An example of this way of working, is our current way of reporting. Being part of Teijin Ltd, our performance in terms of corporate social responsibility is reflected in the Teijin Group CSR Report 2014. However, we also want to be transparent on our own impact. We therefore present our HSE Report 2014, in which we focus on the key areas of health and safety, as well as on our environmental performance. Below you can find links to all these topics. All other Teijin Aramid CSR-related information can be found on our website.

Health and Safety 2014 Teijin Aramid
Teijin Group CSR Report 2014

We believe it is vital that we maintain an ongoing dialogue with those around us. Only then will we know what they think about us, and where we can improve. We therefore kindly invite you to send us any feedback you may have on this report. Simply e-mail your views, comments or observations to sustainability@teijinaramid.com and we will get back to you. Your feedback will be greatly valued.