Our production processes result in waste that is either discharged or incinerated. To reduce the amount of waste, we have extended our capacity for internal recycling over the past few years. However, we will continue to work on ways of further reducing the amount of waste we produce.

Only our factory in Delfzijl also discharges part of their non-usable waste. The increase in offered waste in 2011 was mainly caused by a once-off discharge of 220 ton soil originating from excavation works. The absolute amount of incinerated waste increased by 9% in comparison to 2010. The highest increase was in Delfzijl, in proportion to the increased production. From Emmen we transported less spinning waste and sulfur sludge, for incineration. The quantities of produced waste did not deviate from the previous years, but a part of the waste is still in storage. Due to this reason, we are expecting a higher incineration volume in 2012.

Incineration as percentage of production volume

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