Teijin Aramid follows the biodiversity policy of its parent company, Teijin Ltd., as set out in the Teijin Group Global Environmental Charter. Teijin Ltd. adheres to the declaration for biodiversity by Nippon Keidanren, which consists of a strict code of conduct with regard to conservation and sustainability and specifies basic principles for participating organizations.

Active defense

The principles of the declaration have been translated into a corporate vision for Teijin Ltd. In this vision the following three policies are named as a starting point for an active defense of biodiversity for our parent company:

1. Stimulation of environmental initiatives that will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity
2. Creation of knowledge about biodiversity among employees and stimulation of their voluntary activities
3. Cooperation with local organizations and clear risk communication

The use of raw and auxiliary materials, research into new and safer applications for chemical products, the manufacture of chemical products, the creation of emissions into air and water and the production of waste are all consequences of business activities and influence biodiversity. Teijin Ltd. has developed an overview that shows how our business activities affect biodiversity and what we do at any place in the chain to make their effect visible at all.

Teijin Aramid has also developed activities that will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, including:

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