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Health and safety

Respect for people and the environment is Teijin Aramid’s highest priority and is part of our PURE core values. As such, the health and the safety of our employees and our customers are very important to us. Our production plants operate under an integrated and certified (ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001) QHSE-management system. And, to further improve health and safety, we count on the participation of our employees, and work to stimulate knowledge creation about the reduction and prevention of harmful effects. We also provide our customers with all relevant health and safety information and advice related to our products and further processing.

Over the years, we have instituted many health and safety improvements. We are now engaged in the implementation of a Global Harmonized System in order to comply with a new international labeling guideline. Our production plants also support a range of local improvement programs. These include GOUD in Delfzijl (which aims to bring about structural improvements of our performances), and Takumi in Emmen (where every employee is a master in his or her field – resulting not only in cost reductions and more added value for the customer, but also in QHSE improvements).

We want to create the perfect conditions for healthy employees and a healthy work environment. That’s why we have implemented an integrated health policy. Under this policy, health-related absences have decreased over a number of years. After a two year increase, last year the number is reduced (see graph).

Health related absences


One important gauge of safety is the frequency of ‘lost time injuries’ (LTIs), measured as the number of days of injury-related absence per million hours worked. Our target is 0. In order to manage the LTI goal of 0, we started to measure the sum of all accidents: the total recordable rate (total of all health and safety incidents per million hours worked). In the graph below, you can find the results for both the LTI frequency and the total recordable rate of the past years. The decreasing numbers show the positive results of our safety programs.

Safety Incidents – total recordable and LTI frequency rates

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