Sustainabilityreport 2012
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“We need to develop smart solutions – and we need to start now”

The scarcity of natural resources and the need for clean energy will be the most important limiting factors in the future. Sooner or later, we will reach that tipping point when our current lifestyles and business practices hit the boundary conditions of what the Earth is able provide us with. Our current way of living will no longer be viable. If we wait until that moment before we start to change, it will be too late. We need to take the lead.

As our employees are continually facing the dilemmas of sustainability in their daily work, they automatically take them into account in all their business decisions and actions. They feel the sense of urgency, realizing that especially in our business care for safety and the environment is of the highest importance. So Sustainability is actually part of our DNA.

Becoming “sustainable” doesn’t mean learning to live with less. It means developing smart solutions. Solutions which need only what is available. At Teijin Aramid, we are already taking the lead in R&D for sustainability. By fully optimizing our production processes and by developing more applications that bring savings in energy and resources, we are adding value. Value for our customers, value for our employees, value for society, value for future generations to come. After all, our license to operate comes from our stakeholders. To earn it, we must show that we take our responsibilities seriously.

Value throughout the chain

Our sustainability strategy is the framework in taking our responsibilities. But to deliver true sustainability, we all need to be able to make informed choices. Here at Teijin Aramid, we apply a sophisticated analysis method for assessing our products’ environmental impact during use, and in terms of the raw materials and processes needed to produce them. Together with our customers, we use this information to truly work out which products and applications are the most sustainable throughout the value chain, now and in the future. We invite all our stakeholders to challenge us and search for dialogue and cooperation on this theme. In the end, we all need to work together towards a more sustainable future.




Gert Frederiks
CEO and President, Teijin Aramid