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As the world becomes increasingly connected, the demand for optical fiber cables continues to rise. More data needs to be transported over longer distances and at higher speeds. The drive to lay fast cable networks is just taking off in many parts of the world, and the global trend is towards thinner, more flexible and lighter cables. What’s more, reliability is becoming increasingly important as we become more and more dependent on these networks.

With more data being transmitted over longer distances, networks require an ever-larger number of cables, and smaller diameters  are rapidly becoming essential. Today’s fiber-optic cables need enhanced protection, and this is precisely what our high-performance aramid fiber Twaron provides. At Teijin Aramid, we have over three decades of experience developing innovative aramid products that can strengthen and protect such cables. Our products are resistant to electrical discharges, lightning, ice storms and earthquakes.

As IP traffic grows exponentially worldwide, our high-performance fibers will continue to meet the needs of the networked society of the future. Whether you are looking for a longer working life for fiber-optic cables, greater ease of handling, lower installation and maintenance costs or minimum diameter cable designs, we can work with you to create sustainable innovations. Product innovations, such as water-blocking coatings and ballistic tape, can be added to protect the strength of the fiber-optic signal. With Twaron, the industry can move beyond the worlds of petabytes and exabytes and begin transmitting zettabytes per second.

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