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Protection and defense

The protection and defense market is demanding solutions against ever more sophisticated violent attacks – as well as products for the workplace, where industrial facilities are becoming increasingly complex. In addition, there is a great need for these protection products to be flexible, lightweight and comfortable.

Police officers, soldiers, prison guards, cash carriers – even private individuals – need protection from all types of bullets, as well as from knives and sharp objects. And firefighters need equipment that delivers superior thermal protection and flame resistance, as well as resistance to tears and abrasion.

Furthermore, employers and workers are increasingly demanding personal protective equipment that provides effective resistance against heat, electric arcs, flash fires, cuts and mechanical impacts.

This is a tough set of demands – and they can all be met by our aramid fibers.

Personal Protective Equipment

Teijin Aramid is committed to protecting people from hazards in the workplace. Our fibers – Twaron, Teijinconex and Technora – each provide an outstanding combination of properties: inherent flame resistance, excellent heat resistance and insulation properties, all combined with outstanding strength, low weight and dimensional stability. Plus, it does not burn, melt, drip or adhere to human skin.

Providing ballistic protection worldwide

Twaron is excellently suited to reinforcing the complete range of protective equipment, both for personnel and for vehicles. Today, Twaron is used in soft-body armor, hard ballistics and helmets, to provide protection against penetration by bullets, knives and hot bomb fragments.

It is thanks to our combination of products, together with our comprehensive testing and laboratory equipment, that we at Teijin Aramid are able to develop innovative solutions, often in close cooperation with our customers. Please contact us to work on these innovative solutions together.

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