Twaron in tires: performance and sustainability

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Twaron innovation - Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire

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The automotive industry is one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue. The current trends in this industry are largely driven by the need to reduce CO2 emissions and by rising energy costs (driven in turn by decreasing oil reserves). This requires innovative developments within the entire industry in the form of new driving technologies – and in particular with regard to reducing weight in the body, chassis and engine without sacrificing safety and comfort.



At the same time, car ownership and production is rapidly growing in emerging economies. Yet also here, locally built cars are increasingly required to meet global benchmarks on safety, reliability, fuel economy and service life.

Teijin Aramid has a global presence, which enables it to respond to, act on and co-develop for the latest automotive market trends. As a result, we are specialists in several automotive applications – found in detail below.

Aramide for automotive

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