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Mirjam Oldenzeel
Plantmanager Spinning Plant
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Emmen is home to the world’s largest aramid factory. Here, we have about 680 employees working on our aramid products here. Mostly operating in around-the- clock shifts.

There are two factories in Emmen: a spinning plant and a converting facility. At the spinning plant, we apply an advanced process to create Twaron yarn. The polymer we make in our factory in Delfzijl is dissolved and spun into Twaron yarn in Emmen. Part of the production yield goes to our converting facility, where we process it in accordance with the customer’s wishes. For instance, by processing it into pulp, twisting it, cutting it into short pieces, or applying a special coating.

The processes in the factories are implemented and monitored by our production employees and technologists. We train our operators internally for recognized diplomas, together with a training institute from the area.

We are one of the largest employers in the Southeast Drenthe area, offering excellent terms of employment and a great deal of opportunity for development. We do this because we know that if we do achieve our ambitious objectives, it will be thanks to the expertise of our employees, and their enthusiasm and passion for their work.

We work with high performance technology at our factories. This is a challenging environment for technologists. Both in terms of the daily progress of the production process as well as projects focused on the continuous improvement and development of our processes and products. We also closely collaborate with the research and marketing and sales departments in Arnhem and Wuppertal.

Sustainability and safety rank high on our priority list, both in how we operate and how we treat the environment. For example, we recover used sulfuric acid in a special recycling unit so it can be reused. We have also begun work on a recycling factory, where we will recycle used aramid products, bullet-proof vests or protective gloves, retuned to us after use.
We devote a lot of attention to the safety of our installations and employees. Our safety motto is “I work at Teijin Aramid and return home healthy”.

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