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Micky Vertommen
Senior R&D co-worker Pulp & Shaping
What I love about my job is the combination of diverse assignments, short-term factory support and the continuous development of the production process. read more >
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Arnhem Production

Careers-Arnhem Kleefsewaard

Our smallest production location in the Netherlands is at Industriepark Kleefse Waard in Arnhem. Here, we produce special types of Twaron pulp. This is also the place where we experiment with new technologies in order to improve our products, solutions and production processes. Our Kleefse Waard location is a trendsetter for new developments, and to support this we use short lines here for decision-making and communication.

Kleefse Waard is also the site where we recycle our Twaron and other aramids. By processing used aramid into pulp, we can prepare it for new applications, such as in brake linings. This is just a small indication of how diverse aramid applications can be!

About 60 people work at this location, most of whom are operators who work in shifts. The working environment is open and informal, and a no-nonsense culture predominates. Operators work closely with application researchers at the plant to develop new products and processes together – both chemical and mechanical processes – making this location a great place for employees to gain experience and develop themselves more fully.

Whichever path you choose, we expect you to show independence and initiative in further shaping your position and career. We will, of course, be there, too, to help you reach your full potential. Working here, you will get training and do a lot of ‘learning on the job’ – which means your job will always be challenging and interesting! This is important to us, because we want to know that what you are doing not only benefits Teijin Aramid and its customers, but that it is also enjoyable and useful for you, too!

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