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Why Teijin Aramid

You work on innovative solutions

We are continually searching for new, innovative solutions to make our products even more durable, safer and stronger. We investigate new possibilities for improving our processes and fibers. We do this by using both well-established and cutting-edge technology and by working together with our customers worldwide.

You work in an international company with focus and ambition

Teijin Aramid has captured a global leadership position based on its own strengths. The company is ambitious; we aim to become the preferred supplier of high performance fibers. There is a lot of knowledge and experience within the company, and we are proud of that, but we are also constantly looking for new opportunities, markets and technologies. And this means that we are constantly searching for people who can help fulfill our ambitions.

You contribute to a sustainable society

Together with more than 1400 involved and passionate colleagues worldwide, you’ll work on the world´s strongest, safest and most durable fibers. For example, Teijin Aramid ensures that tires last longer, ride more efficiently and suffer less wear and tear, that lives are saved because bullets are  stopped by bullet-proof vests, and that your brakes always work. And there are countless other ways, visible and invisible, in which aramid makes our society more sustainable and safer. This is how we can contribute together to a sustainable society.

You accelerate your development

There is an increasing demand for high-performance fibers. At Teijin Aramid, we are always looking for ways to meet this demand, for now and for the future. Because of this, we can offer you tremendous career opportunities at every level and in every position. At our company, you’ll have the chance to develop yourself, not only through the interesting challenges of your job but also through internal and external training.

You find a balance between your work and personal life

We believe that life is about more than just work. There should be a healthy balance between your work and your personal life. Therefore, a number of our positions allow you to work more flexibly, either part-time or at home. Parental leave is available, too, as is a life-course savings scheme.