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Labor conditions

An excellent foundation

Teijin Aramid is an attractive employer with excellent terms of employment for all salary levels. Teijin Aramid is in the top 25% of the Netherlands’ best-paying employers. The pay structure is transparent: your job is at a fixed position on a pay scale, with an assigned salary. What’s more, Teijin Aramid has an excellent pension plan, with over 80% of the premiums paid by the employer. In addition to your fixed salary, there is a profit-sharing scheme, dependent on the company’s results. You are also eligible for participation in the ‘life-course savings plan’ (levensloop) and a contribution to the supplemental health insurance plan.

Your personal balance between work and private life

Teijin Aramid has its own collective terms of employment (CAO), which allow for personal choices. The company takes an interest in making terms of employment more flexible, so that you can manage your needs for balancing work and private life as they change over the course of your career. We have a flex-time plan, which helps achieve this balance. Part-time work is possible in all positions.

Additional compensation

In addition to its collective terms of employment (CAO), Teijin Aramid has an extensive compensation plan for further study and training. Even if you take a study course that is not directly related to your position, Teijin Aramid will reimburse the costs. There is a generous allowance for private vehicle commuting costs, and public transportation costs are always fully reimbursed.