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Waste and recycling

    In the manufacturing of our products, we aim to recycle as much as possible within the process. For example, we recycle the solvents we use rather than using large quantities once and then discharging them.

    However, in spite of these closed loops, all our plants still produce non-usable waste. At all our locations this waste is either offered for recycling or sent to incinerators. Our factory in Delfzijl is the only one of our plants that also discharges part of its non-usable waste.

    Both the total amount of waste offered for discharge and the amount of incinerated waste was reduced by 6% compared to 2012. In Emmen material for incineration is discharged in batches. This causes annual fluctuations. In 2012 a large batch of specific waste was offered for incineration, in 2013 the stored volumes increased and will be offered for incineration in 2014.

    The total amount of waste offered for recycling also decreased significantly by 25% compared to 2012. This reduction was mainly caused by Delfzijl. The current values are within our normal operation levels and the drop was caused by a one-time offering in 2012.