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Twaron yellow filament yarn

Twaron is available in many different types, including filament yarn. Twaron can be supplied in the following filament-yarn forms:

  • Standard modulus filament yarn (twisted or untwisted), with 250-10,000 filaments
  • High-modulus filament yarn, with 250-15,000 filaments
  • High-tenacity filament yarn, with 500-2,000 filaments

To help our customers find optimal solutions, our Research & Development experts have also developed special surface treatments, such as water-blocking finishes for optical fiber cables and adhesion activation finishes for rubber products. These treatments further improve the yarn’s properties and/or processability.

Countless applications

As filament yarn, the power of Twaron has proven itself in a great many applications, including in: Ballistic-protection products, Composites ,Cut-protection products, Elastomer reinforcements, Heat-protection products, Optical fiber cables, Reinforced thermoplastic pipes, Ropes and cables & Tires.