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Twaron pulp

Thanks to its unique physical and chemical properties, Twaron pulp delivers superior strength, stability and resistance to heat and corrosive chemicals. And during processing, its fibrillated nature limits separation and aids the dispersal of other ingredients. It is also an excellent replacement for asbestos and copper. Together, these characteristics make Twaron pulp the material of choice for a range of applications, where it delivers both extra reinforcement and extra efficiency.

An introduction to our pulp portfolio

To help our customers find the best solutions for their specific applications, we provide both wet and dry pulp in different fiber lengths and with varying degrees of fibrillation. We have the broadest pulp portfolio on the market, and offer tailor-made solutions for numerous applications, such as friction products, sealing materials and specialty paper products.

Depending on your requirements and application, you can choose from

  • Twaron performance pulp offering the right balance between product performance and production efficiency;
  • Twaron premium performance pulp, which provides tailored solutions for the most demanding applications and;
  • Twaron eco-advanced pulp providing performance at half the carbon footprint.

The Twaron eco-advanced pulp is being more eco-friendly than the standard equivalent and is just one of the many ways in which Teijin Aramid is taking the lead in R&D for sustainability. For more information, see our sustainability strategy.

Continuous improvement

For various Twaron pulp types, specifications are now narrower than ever. Thanks to our long-term experience in the production of pulp, which puts us in a position to strictly control our processes, specifications were narrowed with regard to fiber length, specific surface area, moisture and/or spin finish – some values even by up to 40%. This higher specificity, quality and consistency enables users to optimize the efficiency of their production processes.

To find out the most suitable pulp type for your specific needs, or to find out how narrower specifications can help to increase your production efficiency, please contact us directly via your local contact.