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Twaron paper

Twaron paper is 100% Twaron only. It has all unique properties of the para-aramid molecule. The thermal and chemical stability combined with superior dimensional stability make it the material of choice in numerous applications. Download the Twaron product brochure for a more detailed description and properties of Twaron para-aramid products.

Example of the structure of a multi-purpose para-aramid paper

Key properties of Twaron paper

  • can be used safely in the temperature range of 200 – 300°C (depending on the final conditions in the actual application)
  • does not melt nor shrink
  • low moisture pick-up thus it does not swell or change dimensions
  • strong with low elongation thus does not deform

Wide variety of structures

Twaron paper can be provided in various structures from very dense – as required for isolation purposes –  to very open – as required for searation or filtration purposes. All papers are based on combinations of existing Twaron products, no other substances are added. Thus the Statement of absence of hazardous substances is applicable.

Typical applications

This variety of paper products and the different properties are suitable for use as electrical insulation paper, printed circuit boards, separator paper in Li-ion batteries or capacitors, honeycombs filtration paper and other applications with high demanding paper properties.


Ask for A4 handsheet samples or small rolls 0.5 m (5-10 kg) which can be made on request.

Twaron electrical insulation paper

High dielectric strength for improved cooling and more efficient use of space
The high dielectric strength allows the use of less layers of thinner papers. The enhanced thermal conductivity results in a much better heat transfer through the insulation. Dielectric strength of 60kV/mm at 0.075 mm (3 mil).

Extra thin where dimensions and thickness matter
Thanks to the better thermal conductivity this paper allows very compact dimensions. Thickness only 0.035 mm (1.4 mil).

Spacer where thickness to fill space combined with stability are required
Better thermal conductivity improves heat dissipation and cooling. Thickness 0,175 mm (6.8 mil).

Twaron separator paper

Safe porous paper
The safest solution for separators by a non-melting and non-shrinking paper with a porosity of 60 %.




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