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Twaron jet-spun products

Twaron jet-spun fibrids and pulp are made by a newly developed and patented manufacturing process. They differ from conventional pulp thanks to their adjustable specific structure from film-like to very fine, which improves network formation and ensures superior binding. Twaron jet-spun fibrids and pulp can be processed on conventional paper machines, e.g. for the production of specialty paper products.

Highlights of Twaron jet-spun products:

  • Superior binding function
  • Very fine fiber network formation
  • Easier dispersion
  • Excellent processing
  • Mechanical and acoustical dampening
  • Thermal and chemical stability

Superior paper properties

For the creation of innovative specialty papers, these values translate into the following superior properties:

  • Dimensional stability under mechanical load and thermal stress
  • Improved tensile and tear strength
  • Improved bursting pressure
  • Higher wet strength
  • Better delamination resistance (Z-strength)
  • Higher folding strength
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Outstanding tunability:
    • Easy-to-manufacture dense or porous papers, depending on application requirements
    • Applied as high-temperature-resistant binder systems, Twaron jet-spun products determine the paper’s properties
    • Applied as additives, Twaron jet-spun products can fine-tune and improve particular paper properties