Twaron in tires: performance and sustainability

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Twaron in tires

One of the clear trends in today’s tire industry is the development of significantly lighter products. In fact, lighter tires are proving to be a solution to a number of important industry-wide challenges:

  • Reducing the amount of raw materials used in tire manufacturing. Lighter tires naturally use up less raw material, resulting in a more sustainable product and easing the strain on limited natural resources like natural rubber (NR).
  • Improving safety through easier steering response. Lighter tires are easier to balance beneath the weight of a car, providing better handling and comfort.
  • Improving fuel consumption. Lighter tires require less power during acceleration and braking and result in lower fuel consumption.

Solutions with Twaron

There are a number of ways in which Twaron can help you reduce the weight of your tires and meet the stringent demands of automotive producers.

Through the inclusion of Twaron, the cap ply of an ultra high-performance (UHP) tire can maintain a perfectly round shape, avoiding uneven wear and flatspotting.

Aircraft tires that contain a Twaron belt are better protected against sharp objects during landings, which can sometimes cause the tire to burst.

Passenger tires that contain Twaron provide better comfort and greater safety as a result of their lower weight.

In agricultural tires, Twaron makes the belt more flexible, resulting in a larger footprint. This is an important means of reducing soil compaction in the fields.

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