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Twaron in bicycle tires

Twaron-in-bicycle-tiresThe bicycle tire market has seen steady growth and developments over the past ten years. Especially the demand for foldable tires has grown and having some kind of anti-puncture system in the tire is almost standard nowadays. The growing demand for e-bikes also stimulates further development of anti-puncture solutions.

At Teijin Aramid, we are continuously improving our products to meet the requirements of our customers today and in the future. Teijin Aramid outperforms by customer intimacy and technical performance. Our focus is on developing technical solutions which make our customers successful.

With our current market share of aramid supply to the bicycle tire market and our diverse aramid product portfolio, we provide solutions to bicycle tire manufacturers enabling them to make their tires foldable, lightweight and better protected against punctures. Twaron products can be used in the following applications:

  • Bead: in light weight foldable tires as replacement for steel beads. Cyclists can easily take spare tires when going in biking trips.
  • Casing: super fine yarn can replace traditional reinforcement materials in high performance tires. This results in excellent mechanical properties at the lowest possible weight and with better rolling resistance. Besides, the use of aramid can improve snake bite performance.
  • Tread: Twaron pulp mixed into the tread compound. This is a low weight solution to increase protection against punctures and to improve wear resistance.
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