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Specialty paper

In the specialty paper market, performance requirements both for existing and new applications are becoming increasingly demanding – for example with regard to thermal endurance, enhanced physical, electrical and chemical performance, and abrasive resistance.

We can help you produce the paper of the right quality by supplying raw materials such as Twaron pulp, jet-spun fibrids and short-cut fibers – and with back up in the form of our extensive technical know-how. Combining your expertise in paper manufacturing with our products and technical support will open up endless possibilities for creating customized paper.


Key benefits when using Twaron

•    Low weight, high strength and high flexibility
•    Thermal and chemical stability
•    Good tribological properties
•    Excellent electrical insulation
•    Mechanical and acoustic dampening
•    High dimensional stability

Specialty high-performance paper products

Thanks to their special qualities, high-performance papers are used in a number of products, including automatic gear boxes, generators and transformers. Depending on the properties you require, we can provide pulp, short-cut fiber in various lengths or jet-spun fibrids. You can also combine these different aramid product types, together or with other materials, to tailor your paper and produce the combination of properties you require. At Teijin Aramid, we not only supply proven, cost-effective products, we also offer technical support to help you create the particular paper you need.

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