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Sealing materials


High quality gaskets containing Twaron pulp offer a reliable solution to growing worldwide demand for durability and greater environmental awareness.

In recent decades, the sealing industry has faced the major challenge of replacing asbestos with safer materials. Aramid pulp has played an important role in this transition. Soft, easy-to-use gaskets containing Twaron pulp improve sealability while also extending product lifetimes and reducing emissions.


Key benefits when using Twaron

  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • An excellent mechanical bond
  • Reinforcement of the gasket mix, resulting in higher production speeds,  higher roll pressures
  • Stands up well to extreme mixing conditions

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Braided packings

Braided packings made of Twaron para-aramid yarn provide a combination of superior properties. They are the ideal solution for abrasive media and high-pressure applications.

Key benefits when using Twaron

• High strength
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Resistance to high temperatures
• Good chemical resistance




Teijin Aramid is member of the European Sealing Association (ESA).



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