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Inventive Ropes & Cables

As today’s ropes and cables are used in very challenging conditions, and the drive toward tougher, more resistant and durable products is rapidly increasing. Teijin Aramid is therefore committed to find new solutions for rope and cable applications. In many industries ropes and cables need to last longer, lift heavier weights and reach greater depths. The demand for greater efficiencies and enabling technologies is rising and the pressure is on for a lot of parties involved in the rope and cable industry. To meet these demands, a dedicated team at Teijin Aramid is working every day to find new aramid solutions with Twaron and Technora for cutting-edge rope and cable applications. This even goes beyond aramids, showed by the recent development of UHMwPE tape Endumax®.

New markets, new applications

To ensure tomorrow’s supply of resources from down the earth and oceans, companies today are looking for the right solutions enabling ultra-deep hoisting with heavy loads. Deepwater oil & gas production equipment tends to be larger but lowering more than 300 tons to 3000m water depth with steel wire is on the limit. The lower weight aramids offers advantage as in seawater aramids are 15 to 20 times lighter than steel wire at the same strength. Next to the weight, the dimensional stability and heat resistance of aramids make them an obvious choice for deepwater hoisting. The challenge is designing a rope that is efficient and reliable enough for the job offshore. In mines rare metals have to be harvested from even greater depths, requiring  stronger steel wire ropes to compensate for their own weight. In this case aramids have not only the potential to provide a low weight solution and an improved operating window due to the absence of maintenance, but also an improved lifetime due to the durability of these materials. This will enable companies to meet future demands regarding energy efficiency.

Bright view

Teijin Aramid has a dedicated team of experts that supports rope producers with fiber know-how, testing and a lot of industry experience. A broad industry network and long-term experience enables Teijin Aramid to efficiently support development programs. The well-equipped laboratory with the best and largest high performance fiber research facility in the world, combined with experience in a wide range of applications, makes Teijin Aramid your partner for success.


Wherever new developments are realized, these typically are the result of close cooperation with dedicated people in the supply chain. Teijin Aramid invites the industry to cooperate in developments. Starting with in-depth knowledge of fiber properties, this team specifically is experienced in translating these properties into optimal value in use. If it is either product design, processing, long-term performance, certification issues or support to explaining material reliability to customers, the team is ready to support your business development program. Past cooperation has resulted in products such as RTP pipes, composite ropes, hybrid ropes and others, many of them still ongoing.

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